Thriving Young People

Focus Area: Advance Health and Well-Being
Picture of children playing at a playground

The Colorado Health Foundation believes all young people living in Colorado should live healthy and thriving lives. 

We envision a Colorado where physical and mental health is in reach for all young people in our state, especially for those who experience greater health inequities, including young people of color and LGBTQ+ youth.

Why it Matters

Physical fitness is just one aspect of a young person’s health. Their sense of belonging and community, the relationships that surround them, and access to resources like education and social supports all contribute to their mental health and total well-being. We know that encouraging not just a sound body through healthy movement and proper nutrition, but a sound mind through a strong sense of agency, safety, and identity are what it takes to set young people up to live healthy and thriving lives. Because we know that certain young people experience greater health inequities than others, we focus our efforts on young people of color and LGBTQ+ youth to ensure that physical and mental health is in reach for all.

How We Will Reach Our Vision

The Foundation is currently updating our strategic approach to supporting thriving young people in Colorado. As that work takes shape, we will share more information. 


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